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Limited Edition Land of Opportunity T-Shirt

Image of Limited Edition Land of Opportunity T-Shirt


Disaster recovery expert Dr. Edward Blakely was hired in late 2006 by Mayor Ray Nagin to be New Orleans' Recovery "Czar". He was given the monumental task of spearheading the funding and implementation of post-Katrina rebuilding plans. Blakely quickly proved to be a controversial figure, infamous for his memorable quotes and publicity gaffes. This particular quote came from an interaction he had with residents and activists from the Lower 9th Ward, as they discussed the future of their neighborhood. With a series of t-shirts highlighting the most memorable (and absurd) quotes and phrases that we've heard over the past five years, Land of Opportunity celebrates the spirit of New Orleanians, who have survived failed levees and political ineptitude and continue to rebuild their communities every day.

American Apparel Tri-Blend T-Shirt. For the size specs, click here for men's and women's.

*Note: Sizes run small*